India : Covid 19 Update – 14th June 2021

India is gradually recovering from the brutal onslaught of the second phase of Covid 19 infections. After almost the entire country went on lockdown a month ago, starting 7th June cautiously the lock down is being lifted and commercial activities being allowed to re-start in phases.


On 16th Jan 2021 , India embarked on the world’s greatest Covid 19 vaccination drive to stop the pandemic.

- India was experiencing 95000+ daily infection detection in the month of September

- Dince 20th September in a  turnaround the new cases had reduce to about 12,000 in the months of January & February 2021.

- In March there has been a dramatic upsurge again as has the rest of the world with daily new cases increasing.

- On 22nd March 46,951 new cases has been detected.

- On 30th March 56,211 new cases has been detected.

- 0n 4th April India crossed the 100,000 ( 103,558) daily cases for the first time.

- On 11th April India reported 168,912 daily cases

- On 19th April India reported 273,810 daily cases

- On 26th April India Reported 352.991 daily cases

- On 3rd  May India Reported 357,316 daily cases

-  On10th May India Reported 329,942 daily cases

- On 17th May India reported 281,286 daily cases

- On 25th May India reported 196,427 daily cases

- On 31st May India reported 165,553 daily cases

- On 7th June India reported 100,636 daily cases

- On 14th June India reported 70,421 daily cases

You can find the latest numbers here :‚Äč

  • Population : 1.3 Billion
  • Total Cases : 29.51 million
  • Total Recovered :28.16 million
  • Total Deaths : 0.374 million
  • % Death : 1.3 %
  • % Recovery rate : 95.4 %

Domestic Travel

At this point of time, domestic travel is not recommended.

International travel

At this point of time, international travel is not recommended.

To travel tomorrow, we have to stay safe today..........