India : Covid 19 Update –17th January 2022

In view of the "Omicron" becoming the dominant infection, the Government of India is has extended entry restrictions till 31st January 2022.

  • Beginning December 1, all international passengers must submit a self-declaration form to an online government portal that includes a 14-day travel history and a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours prior to their departure, according to guidelines issued by India's Health Ministry.
  • Travelers from countries deemed "at risk" will also now face further testing and surveillance, including a PCR test on arrival. They will also have to quarantine at home for seven days.
  • The central Government has directed the states/UTs to impose containment measures if Covid-19 testing shows more than 10 per cent positivity rate or if there is more than 40 per cent of hospital bed occupancy. All states and UTs must observe all precautions and not let the guard down. The states are advised to follow test, track, treat, vaccination and adherence to Covid-appropriate behaviour.


India has seen the peak of 414,188 new cases on 6th May during the Delta surge and the low of 6,531 on 27th Dcember 2021. Presently, with the emergence of the Omicron variant, the new cases have surged to 258,089 on 17th Janaury 2022.  However, the hospitalization and death has not significantly risen in the new surge.


- On 22nd March 46,951 new cases has been detected.

- On 30th March 56,211 new cases has been detected.

- 0n 4th April India crossed the 100,000 ( 103,558) daily cases for the first time.

- On 11th April India reported 168,912 new cases

- On 19th April India reported 273,810 new cases

- On 26th April India Reported 352.991 new cases

- On 3rd  May India Reported 357,316 new cases

- On 6th May India Reported 414,188 new cases

-  On10th May India Reported 329,942 new cases

- On 17th May India reported 281,286 new cases

- On 25th May India reported 196,427 new cases

- On 31st May India reported 165,553 new cases

- On 7th June India reported 100,636 new cases

- On 14th June India reported 70,421 new cases

- On 21st June India reported 53,256 new cases

- On 28th June India reported 46,148 new cases

- On 5th July India reported 39,796 new cases

- On 12th July India reported 37,154 new cases

- On 19th July India reported 38,164 new cases

- On 26th July India reported 39,361 new cases

- On 2nd August India reported 40,134 new cases

- On 9th August India reported 35,499 new cases

- On 16th August India reported 32,937 new cases

- On 23rd August India reported 25,072 new cases

- On 30th August India reported 42,909 new cases

- On 6th September India reported 38,948 new cases

- On 13th September India reported 27,254 new cases

- On 20th September India reported 30,256 new cases

- On 27th September India reported 26,041 new cases

- On 11th October India reported 18,132 new cases

- On 19th October India reported 13,058 new cases

- On 25th October India reported 14,306 new cases

- On1st November India reported 12,514 new cases

- On 8th November India reported 11,451 new cases

- On 15th November India reported 10,229 new cases

- On 22nd November India reported 8,488 new cases

- On 29th November India reported 8,309 new cases

- On 6th December India reported 8,306 new cases

- On 13th December India reported 7,350 new cases

- On 20th December India reported 6,563 new cases

- On 27th December India reported 6,531 new cases

- On3rd January 2022 India reported 33,750 new cases

- On10th January 2022 India reported 179,723 new cases

- On17th January 2022 India reported 258,089 new cases

You can find the latest numbers here :‚Äč

  • Population : 1.3 Billion
  • Total Cases : 37.38 million
  • Total Recovered :35.23 million
  • Total Deaths : 0.486 million
  • % Death : 1.3 %
  • % Recovery rate : 94.3 %

Domestic Travel

While domestic travel is still open. As per the directive of the central government health ministry, many states have implemented entery restriction. Trevelers are advised to check restriction in their destination before planning tours.

International travel

India was planning to allow commercial international flights from 15th December 2021. However, in view of the new Covid strain emerging India has stopped commercial flights from other countries till 31st Janaury 2022.