Why Monkfoot

We specialize in bringing our guests closer to the destinations they travel to and help them experience the flavors of the culture and heritage of the locals. We aim to provide well researched and comprehensive information while designing just the right, unique and personally oriented travel itinerary which our guests are dreaming of. 

  • Unique Experiences: We discover unique experiences and offer you specialist advice and recommendations that you are unlikely to find anywhere else. We spend   time learning about you and your interests so that we can create your ideal travel experience.
  • Knowledge : We  travel all over India and have developed excellent firsthand knowledge of the products we offer.  We can offer extensive  experiences in terms of activities, accommodations, comfort and duration. We offer a wide range of journeys starting from cultural discovery to treks, wildlife and rural/tribal journeys.
  • Quality: Our quality standards are thorough. We regularly review and rate every service we offer to our guests.  Whether it is the guides, transportation or accommodation, we make sure that a high level of quality is maintained and continuously improved.
  • Planning: our plans are detailed and account for smallest elements.   We do not leave anything to chance.
  • Flexibility: We are always open to suggestion and will tailor each tour as per your requirements.  
  • Support: Once you arrive in India, you’re fully safe and supported around the clock.  
  • Feel assured: Our guests are assured that they are never alone and always have someone to turn to in the immediate location in case they need any help  while they travel. We carefully select all our partners  for their quality, safety and the ability .
  • Partners and Associations :We carefully select all our partners  for their quality, safety and the ability . We are member of IATO,ATOAI,TOFT and recognised by  the tourism ministry of India as an Inbound tour operator.