Travel Information

Passport and Visa

You will need a valid passport and visa to enter the country. It is also essential that your passport should be valid for at least six months from date of entry.
Visas cannot be issued on arrival and we recommend that you contact your local Indian embassy or consulate when planning your trip.
Alternately you can apply for e-visa here


We strongly recommend that all travellers purchase adequate trip cancellation and interruption, medical and baggage insurance and carry the details of their coverage on tour. During plan for vacation you may firstly wish to check with your private insurance carrier regarding the terms of your coverage (or lack of coverage) outside your home country, including emergency medical evacuation. We will be happy to refer you to suitable travel insurance companies for appropriate insurance cover for your holiday.


As vaccination requirements change frequently, we suggest you to consult your doctor  prior to the beginning of your trip. We recommend protection against malaria, tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis .
Use insect repellent in mosquito prone areas. The risk of Malaria exists throughout the year in almost the entire country. A course of anti-malarial pills is highly recommended.
In case of a serious sickness  , which we believe will not happen; we will do everything to transfer you to the nearest hospital. Since you are entirely liable for all the expense incurred in evacuation please make sure that it is covered by your insurance.

You will be visiting areas which may not have easy access to healthcare services. It is wise to travel with all your medicines. Prepare a small health-kit with all your important aids to meet any emergency.


There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency or travellers cheques you may bring into India, provided a declaration is made in the currency declaration form given to arriving passengers. However, cash, bank notes and traveler cheques up to US $10,000 or equivalent need not be declared at the time of entry. For safety and convenience you should take the majority of your money in travellers cheques. It is advisable to change your money through authorized banks and hotels.   You have to keep your receipts, as you will need them at the end of your tour if you wish to convert your rupees back to your own currency.


India supply is 220-240 volts AC. Some top hotels have transformers. There may be pronounced variations in the voltage, and power cuts are common. Power back-up by generator or inverter is becoming more wide- spread, even in smaller hotels. Socket sizes vary so take a universal adaptor. Invest in a stabilizer for a laptop.