What we do

Customized Service and Personalized Care
We offer unobtrusive but personal service in designing and managing your journeys.
Itinerary is designed by you with our guidance. Once you have decided on your itinerary, we plan the final details of your journey with utmost care. Through strong local tie-ups and intricate understanding of local customs and culture, our team creates a bridge that links you to your dream vacation. Whether you know exactly where you want to go, or you just know that you want a "dream holiday", we will help you turn that dream into reality.

Custom-designed tours for individuals / couples / small family

Our sample Tailor-Made Itineraries are perfectly suited to the solo / couple / small family travellers who does not wish to be part of an escorted group but wants to benefit from the same standard of service a group tour would enjoy. Therefore, you will normally be met and assisted at airports, have all transfers provided, enjoy many private guide and transport services and enjoy exclusive excursions & sfaris. You may be travelling alone, but we will make sure that you will never feel alone. We will be in touch with you every day over whatsapp / phone etc.

Escorted tours for groups :  For large families and / or friends, we offer a wide range of escorted group tours led by our local tour leaderwith in-depth knowledge of your destination. Our expertly-designed itineraries include once-in-a-lifetime experiences, taking you to the must-see highlights as well as hidden gems not known to the typical tourist and leaving you feeling that you've really explored. 

Our Accommodation selections: Wherever possible, we eschew the larger hotels in favour of small, well-run and owner-operated boutique establishments. They have minimal impact on their environments. We can arrange organised camping wherever necessary (mainly in Sri Lanka), to facilitate good wildlife viewing in wilderness areas where there are no lodges.

Where it is necessary or desirable to stay in a town, we choose wherever possible small, converted heritage houses with charm and character. In most cases we will use the best accommodation available in any given location, or at least accommodation of a high standard relative to the destination concerned. However, in some desirable yet remote locations there might only be rustic and basic accommodation available: in such cases, we will warn you first.

Vehicles & Drivers : We provide clean cars in excellent condition with professional drivers. Each driver is qualified with a commercial license and are experienced and have travelled extensively in all over India. A car and driver is a great option if you want to feel completely independent. Your driver will be responsible for your safety, as well as give you relevant information about your tour. Your driver will wait until you finish the visit of any particular monument, and will take care of your luggage and belongings.