India - an enigma

India is an enigma, a puzzle, a maze of contradictions and assimilation of Nature, History, Architecture, Art, Cuisine, Spirituality, Language, Color, Opulence and Poverty. An anthology of all the countries of the world within one country, it has the power to amaze, awe, contemplate and frustrate at the same time.

The boundaries of India encompass incomparable natural treasure:

  • Snow capped magnificent Himalayan Mountains and dry, cold desert at the top of the world
  • The Ganges and hundreds of other rivers, most of which have female names  
  • Scorching deserts
  • Golden beaches
  • Tropical greenery and emerald backwaters
  • Deep forests teeming with wildlife

A land of rich History, Culture, Heritage, Architecture:

  • Forts and palaces that stand testimony to history
  • Exquisite Cave Art
  • Deserted Ancient cities
  • Extraordinary Temples, Monasteries, Churches and Mosques
  • Unusual Railway routes, Toy trains
  • Awesome architectural wonders
  • Riotously colorful festivals
  • Mouth watering cuisine
  • Tribal culture
  • 28 UNESCO Cultural heritage sites
  • 8 Sites on UNESCO Natural Heritage sites

A unique landscape of Spirituality, History, Orthodoxy and Modernity where:

  • Deeply religious rituals have been performed since time immortal
  • A multitude of castes and outcast untouchables share space
  • Tribes still hold on to their traditions
  • More than 22 languages are spoken
  • All the regions have their own distinctive culinary traditions

The super rich and the very poor live side by side where Mercedes honks to a Rickshaw for right of way
India will never disappoint............ !