Magnificent Kumbhalgarh Fort
In  the Aravalli wilderness, the mighty Kumbhalgarh Fort is a fascinating martial architecture that uses the rugged Aravalli hills and valleys to its best advantage. It is the second-longest wall of the world after the Great Wall of China.
British Colonel James Todd mentions the fort in his 1829 AD book ‘Annals and Antiquities of Rajasthan’ - “the fort rises, like the crown of Hindu Cybele, tier above tier of battlements to the summit, which is crowned with the Badal Mahal or the ‘Cloud Palace’ of the  Ranas.”
Kumbhalgarh Fort: Built at 1900m on top of a hill by Rana Kumbha. Out of the 84 forts built in Mewar, 34 were designed by Rana Kumbha.
The imposing fort walls curving across the hills seem to be emerging from the granite rock.The fort is guarded by seven enormous gates and seven ramparts, strengthened by rounded bastions and immense watchtowers. The 36-km long wall of the fort is often compared to the Great Wall of China. The  fort largely remained unconquered in history, probably due to its inaccessibility, hostile topography and the steep hike up to the fort, which would’ve left invading armies tired and exposed to an assault from the fort.
It fell only once in its history, to the combined forces of Emperor Akbar, Raja Man Singh of Amber, and Raja Udai Singh of Amber, and Raja Udai Singh of Marwar.
Birthplace of Rana Pratap
Kumbhalgarh is also the birthplace of Maharana Pratap, the legendary brave warrior of Mewar. He was born here in 1549 AD. His father of Maharana Pratap Udai Singh was smuggled to Kumbhalgarh by his nanny Panna Dhai to save him from enemy Banbir. He was crowned the King of Chittaur at Kumbhalgarh and his son Rana Pratap was born here. The bravehearts of Mewar never bowed to the Mughals. 

Nearby Destinations / Attractions :

  • Ranakpur : 33 Km / 1 hr 
  • Udaipur : 85 Km / 2 hrs
  • Jodhpur : 175 Km / 3.5 hrs

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Nearest Airport : Udaipur Airport (98km / 2  hrs)
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Best time to visit  is during the winter, spring & monsoonmonths when the weather is glorious and the lakes are full. May and june months are extremely hot and the lakes dry up.

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