Pushkar is a canvas of mythology, spirituality and tradition painted with the colours of desert life. Pushkar is a place to be experienced not just visited. Temples, Ghats and the riotously colourful Camel fair give it a unique identity.
With narrow streets peppered with small eateries serving continental fare and crumbling Havelis set amongst hundreds of temples, Pushkar is quintessential spiritual India welcoming  the solace seeker, the traveller and the drifter in a smoky haze of meditation.
Waking up to the chants from the temples in the early hours when the sun is about to rise, then walking the narrow streets crowded with pilgrims and tourists jostling for space and then watching the crimson sun disappear behind the sand dunes in the evenings, all in the course of a day at Pushkar.
Mythological stories abound in this holy city of the sacred lake. The lake is Pushkar’s “raison d’etre”. Lord Brahma, the creator of earth, killed a demon with his weapon - a lotus flower - and in the impact three petals fell here. At the places where the lotus petals fell three sacred lakes emerged. The three places are located within a radius of six miles. 
Pushkar Fair :
The unique Pushkar Fair is a vibrant Kaleidoscope of colours and crowds. It is the largest cattle fair in the world. The fair takes place every year for three days from the Hindu calendar dates of Kartik Ekadashi to Kartik Poornima. It generally falls in the month of November. During this period the serene town of Pushkar becomes a noisy and bustling venue. Travellers from around the world, cattle, vendors, saints and dancers all merge to form a never ending crowd of colours. 
Nearly 200,000 people visit Pushkar during the fair. Thousands of camels are sold and bought by the locals here. Camels are the main mode of transport for the desert villages in Rajasthan. People look forward to this fair eagerly. 
Although it is a place for cattle trade, the fair has attractions like Camel beauty pageant and cultural performances by various Rajasthani artists. Camels are decorated with ornamental saddles and colourful embroidered clothes. Events like tug of war between men and camel and camel dance shows take place. The Pushkar fair is a perfect place to see the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan in a rural ambience. 


Brahma Temple: This is the most renowned temple of Brahma, the creator of earth as per Hindu mythology. Lord Brahma is worshipped here in the form of a life sized four headed statue, atypical of Brahma statues, establishing his omnipresence. The Brahma temple is highly revered amongst the devotees. Interestingly the floor of the temple is studded with coins placed by devotees to mark the birth or death of their loved ones.
Ghats: As many as 52 Ghats surround Pushkar Lake. People take a dip in the holy waters of these Ghats. The Ghats of Brahma, Varsha and Gau are the oldest and it is auspicious to offer prayers here. Many Ghats are believed to have distinct powers: Roop Kund is the Ghat to bath for beauty and youth., Naga Kund provides fertility., Kapil Vyapi Kund heals leprosy and Mrikand Muni Kund grants eternal wisdom.
Vishwamitra Ashram: Located in the Nag Hills, this ashram is quite secluded and dedicated to the Saint Vishwamitra, who wanted to be a Brahmarishi through penance. Lord Indra felt threatened by him and thus sent an extremely beautiful courtesan Menaka to break his resolve and stop his penance. Menaka successfully enticed Vishwamitra and a daughter, Shakuntala, was born out of their relationship - Lord Indra achieved his goal.

Nearby Destinations / Attractions :

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  • Jaipur : 145 Km / 3 hrs
  • Mandawa : 217 Km / 5 hrs
  • Bikaner : 255 Km / 5 hrs
  • Jodhpur :234 Km -4 hrs

Travel Information
Connectivity :
Nearest Airport : Udaipur Airport (150 km / 3 hrs)
Best time to visit and Climate :
Best time to visit  is during the winter, spring & monsoonmonths when the weather is glorious and the lakes are full. May and june months are extremely hot and the lakes dry up.

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