Post Covid-19 Travel

Once we emerge from lockdown and begin to move towards operating our Journeys once again, we will be adopting a series of important measures to keep our guests safe. Your health and safety is our top priority, and so we are pleased to publish these guidelines to provide insight on what we will be doing on every Monkfoot tour to keep you safe. At all times we will be closely monitoring and adopting government advice and guidelines, and industry best practice, and regularly updating this policy accordingly.

Safety & Hygiene Protocols and Operational Recommendations for Tourism Service Providers

The Ministry of Tourism proposes to recommend Protocols covering all service providers and their related activities to tourism and hospitality sectors, to ensure a safe and prepared approach for a post-COVID 19 revival.

For our Office Staff

  1. All staff wear masks and practice social distancing and hygiene within the office premises.
  2. All employees have downloaded infection tracing mobile application & updating their record
  3. Daily temperature check via thermal gun thermometer
  4. Training of employees in hygiene and sanitation practices and troubleshooting risks

For all guests

  1. Booking and travels plans are to be accepted for tourists with no medical history of the virus especially in case of inbound travelers
  2. Necessary medical proof or declaration may be sought for inbound travelers
  3. Bookings required to be made online or via an online platform / mail, with cashless transactions only
  4. Information on age, medical history, allergies etc. are to be captured for each traveler
  5. All information to the tourists should be disseminated digitally
  6. Group tours recommended with maximum of 10 people for ease of implementing social distancing

For ground transfers    

  1. All vehicles must be thoroughly disinfected prior to boarding of tourists.
  2. High touch areas (door handles, seats, seat backs, steering wheel, power window buttons, door locks, windows, screens, small portable TV screens etc.) will be sprayed with disinfectant surface cleaner regularly
  3. Hand sanitizer dispenser and masks will be kept available in every vehicle
  4. Use of disposable seat covers, head rest covers
  5. Use of fiberglass partition between the driver and passenger’s seat in buses and cars  
  6. Strictly follow pre-planned itineraries with minimum layover at predetermined stops only
  7. Health certificate should be mandatory for all drivers.
  8. Drivers/helpers should always wear masks and gloves and should undergo thermal screening before every new assignment

Representatives, Team leaders & Guides

  1. No shaking of hands is recommended
  2. To carry sanitation equipment and wear mask for protection
  3. Ensure temperature check and mask usage before boarding of vehicle
  4. Ensure gloves are used while handling of luggage. Spray and wipe luggage handles
  5. Ensure sanitizers are used before boarding the vehicle by guest and service provider
  6. Limitation of passengers and social distancing to be maintained on shuttle rides, boat rides, jeep safaris, ropeways, etc.
  7. Ensure that tickets are bought online for destination if available to avoid queuing and long halts
  8. At Monuments / Museums, ensure gloves are worn by employees and tourists
  9. Microphones and headsets by guides and tourists is recommended so that physical distancing can be maintained during the tour sightseeing
  10. Audio guides/ audio system should be provided to tourists wherever available
  11. Ensure all equipment and safari vehicles are adequately disinfected before and after every use
  12. Infection tracing mobile application to be downloaded by guest and survey questionnaire to be completed
  13. Sick or unwell guest to be immediately taken for checkup to nearest hospital

To travel tomorrow, we have to stay safe today..........