Ry Kinjai - in Shillong - Meghalaya
Ri Kynjai translates into Khasi as land of serenity and aptly so as you can feel the serenity the moment you step into the property.
Located on a green hill overlooking the picturesque Umiam lake 16kms from Shillong the beautiful property charms on the first sight.
The gorgeous architecture is inspired and derived from the original Khasi thatch huts. Supported on tall circular stilts on the terrace of the hotel blocks are the hybrid cottages derived from vernacular Khasi architecture.
Rattan chairs, ethnic art and local fabrics used in the decoration and furnishigs further enhance the look and feel.The breathtaking view of the lake  from the rooms and even the bathrooms itself is enough  to mke your stay a memorable one, still you can consider a round of golf at the Shillong Golf Course, a boat ride on the lake or a simple stroll in the nearby villages.

Name                  : Ry Kinjai - Serenity by the lake
Type                    : Beautiful lakeside lodge on the mountains
Location              :Shillong in Meghalaya
Accommodation : 4 Cottages and 12 Rooms
Food                     : Excellent North-Eastern cuisine as well as Indian and Continental.
Website                : https://rikynjai.com/

Image Credit : Ry Kinjai

3 Nights Available on request