Stok Palace in Leh - Ladakh
Built by Ladakhi craftsmen in 1820, the 200 year old Stok palace is the official residence of the Namgyal Dynasty of Ladakh.
Towering over the pristine landscape of Indus river valley, Stok palace is a historically significant landmark of Ladakhi Heritage. It was opened as a boutique property in 1980.
Constructed as a four-storied building, many of the rooms and bathrooms offer the breathtaking view of the valley and the rustic interiors of the hotel emit of classical Ladakhi fortified residence architecture with low doorways, a hallowed hallways,  walls adorned with exquisite 200-year-old frescos  and courtyards with even a private monastery within.
Come to the Stok palace to enjoy authentic Ladakhi heritage, culture and cuisine and to experience a palace stay unlike any other and get transported back to a bygone era in a land like no other.

Name                  : Stok Palace
Type                    : Palace Heriatge Hotel
Location              : 15 Km from Leh city in Ladakh.
Accommodation : 6 Suites only.
Food                     : Curated Ladakhi cuisine as well as continental.

Website                https://www.stokpalaceheritage.com/

Image Credit : Stok Palace Hotel

2 Nights Available on request