Wooded hills and secret valleys, fine walking, ancient footpaths and sweeping views of the majestic Himalayan peaks. Picturesque hillside villages nestled amidst pine trees and terraced fields, wonderful wildlife and  natural hospitality. Against the dramatic backdrop of the great high peaks, walk from village to village in the warm foothills of the Indian Himalaya.   

Towering Himalayan peaks, alpine-like pastures, magnificent walks and hill-side villages - these special places are our dream vision of the Himalaya. Savor majestic panoramas; listen to the chatter of village belles in the fields and the tinkle of bells from the goat herds. Experience stay in village guesthouses or homestays and a fine tented camp in the high hills with extraordinary balcony views of the peaks of Himalayas, vistas you will remember forever.  

Trek Days Grade Max Alt Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Binsar Village Walk 5 E 2,400 m N N Y Y N N N N N Y Y N
Saryu Village Walk E 3,100 m N N N Y Y N N N Y Y N N
Barsey Village Walk 8 E 3,048 m N N N Y Y N N N N Y Y N
Sikkim Maonastery Trail 6 E 2,483 N N N Y Y N N N N Y Y N
.. Available on request