Corbett National Park Forest Rest houses in Uttarakhand
Corbett has landscapes that have few parallels anywhere in India. Dhikala’s vast grasslands, the wide riverbed of the Ramaganga, with several small streams flowing in the park, surrounded by Himalayan foothills and the tall Sal trees.
No other wildlife experience probably can beat the experience of staying in the British era forest rest houses in Jim Corbett national park.
The thrill of staying inside a tiger reserve has no parallel. Your sleep could be disturbed by the trumpeting of a wandering tusker or you may even hear the roar of the tiger !
Some of the rest houses do not have electricity. This makes the stay in those even more electrifying.
Wildlife : Tiger sightings are common, especially in summers. The advent of summer also brings hordes of elephants to the grasslands. Other mammals include four types of deer (chitals, barking deer, hog deer and sambar), otters and wild boars. When it comes to birds, Corbett is a heaven for seeing raptors (birds of prey; more than 40 species have been recorded here!

Name                  : Forest Rest Houses
Type                    : Wildlife Experential lodge
Location              : Inside the National Park./ Tiger reserve.
Accommodation : Basic accommodation with rooms and toilet. Electricity is available for fixed durations in the evening, except for in Dhikala where electircity is available 24 hours.  
Food                     : Basic vegetarian food. Non vegetarian food is not allowed inside the National Park.
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3 Nights Available on request