Swapnagandha Eco Resort in Chorlaghat near Goa
On the edge of dense forest and snuggled cozily amidst picturesque setting of the fabled Western Ghats landscape of Goa at a height of 700 meters above sea level with a stunning view of the majestic Vazra Sakla, a 143 meter waterfall on one side and the tranquil Anjunem backwaters on the other is Swapnagandha.
While the rooms are minimalist, they have installed full sized glass windows with incredible views of the gorgeous waterfalls and mountain landscape.
And the infinity pool with a panoramic view is a sight never to be forgotten. Just the pool itself could be a driving reason to visit the lodge.
Wildlife :Connect with a forest where tigers breath the same air as you and horn-bills plant seeds to create complex eco systems. The entire Swapnagandha valley and its surrounding Mahdei region is a recognized Important Bird Area. With the nesting site of the Long Billed Vulture, and the documentation of over a dozen species of Western Ghats endemics including the Nilgiri Wood pigeon, the Malabar Grey hornbill and threatened species like the Sri lanka Frogmouth in the area, Swapnagandha is a birders paradise.

Name                  : Swapnagandha Eco Resort
Type                    : Wildlife Experential lodge
Location              : Chorlaghat Forests near Goa
Accommodation : 8 waterfall facing cottages.
Food                     : Ethnic ala carte restaurant offer wide variety of local cuisine.
Website                 : https://swapnagandha.com/

Image credit : Swapnagandha Resort.

3 Nights Available on request