Forsyth Lodge near Satpura National Park in Madhya Pradesh
Hidden in dense pristine deciduous forests, Forsyth lodge is named after James Forsyth, one of the first Europeans to explore and fall in love with Satpura.  It  is an eco-conscious jungle lodge offering a unique wilderness stay on the edge of the Satpura Tiger Reserve.  .
The lodge is located in the buffer zone and includes a large area of 44 acres, out of which only 4 acres is used for the lodge leaving the remaining to grow wild and you will see lot of birds and animals right inside the lodge area during your stay.
There are so many ways to enjoy wildlife here – camping in the forest buffer zone, wildlife safari on car or hiking on foot or riding a canoe across the Denwa river and encountering wildlife at every turn.
Wildlife : Satpura is great place for sighting leopards, sloth bear and dhole – wild dogs. Tiger sightings are also rising . Apart from the safari drives,  Satpura has utilized it's buffer zone for sustainable tourism activities like boat safaris, night safaris, walking safaris and camping. These activities give an immersive experience to nature lovers unlike any other tiger reserve in India.

Name                  : Forsyth Lodge
Type                    : Wildlife Experential lodge
Location              : Near Satpura National Park.
Accommodation : Mud built cottages.
Food                     :Indian and Continental dishes.
Website                 :https://forsythlodge.com/

Image credit : Forsyth Lodge

3 Nights Available on request